09-2015 Plasma 5 Installed - Ram usage and Conky

Wondering why such an elevation in ram use?
KDE 4 and migration to 5 both ran bootup to desktop used 420mb.

Now chiming in way over that at 667mb.

Is it due to these akonadi things as I haven’t seen them before.
And how can I get rid of them as don’t need them running or installed?

Also another bug I found is the top conky image I posted boots up to 1st monitor Left. Even tho I have it set for 1800 which places it on 2nd monitor of my 2 1650x1050 displays. Only way to correct is open .conkyrc in home and resave script in kate which refreshes desktop moving it to correct display on right. Weird bug? Wasn’t an issue in 4 or transistion to 5 old install.

And dolphin has something strange at least for me in menu>View>Adjust View Properties. Everything is squished up?
Trying to figure out how to select which exif info shows in popup of image in dolphin.

Any info or insights is greatly appreciated.

The .conkyrc file in the home directory was leftover from the Manjaro profile I adopted for Netrunner, I missed removing it as we don’t ship with conky. Also, the ram usage is partly due to zramswap.

Knew about that and running my own conky script. Always worked but now for some reason opening up on wrong monitor on bootup.

What is with zramswap? And why is it now in Plasma 5?
Will have to look it up and see what it is about.
But still would like to uninstall or disable all those Akonadi things I don’t use.
As they eat up 40+mb of ram themselves. And don’t need them as don’t use them.


The Kontact suite requires Akonadi, as long as you don’t need kmail, kontact, knotes, etc. you should be able to remove it I believe.
zramswap is just one of the things that makes Netrunner Rolling - Netrunner, you can disable it with the following command:

systemctl stop zramswap && systemctl disable zramswap

Thanks for the info and yep use none of those K things.
Also may want to take a look into the menu>editor. Right-click Edit Applications
As there are multiple 5-6 entries of Okular,Krita,etc… in multiple categories.
one .hidden folder as well as many menu entries for programs that don’t show up in the menu.
Don’t know if they are installed or just left over entries?

Firefox seems to be missing spell-checking again will look into that.
Update: Yep had to install English Dictionary.

Is there a Official thread for 09-2015 feedback thread?

This one is fine.
Those .hidden entries are how we hide applications we don’t want showing in the menu. The other duplicat entries are because those applications have multiple categories listed in their .desktop files.