10/25/14 update

After running this update everything seemed to run fine with it but now cannot watch youtube videos through firfox and the bottom 2 inches of my screen is black and the login screen is scrambled can anyone help please

More info needed: CPU, GPU, Memory, Free or Non-free drivers, etc.

screen shot please.

could you give us a better description.

Did you read the update announcement?

The bottom 2 inch of my screen has something to do with cairo dock when i shut it of i get the whole screen back,but the login screen stays the same i dont think i can take snapshot of login screen if i can i dont know how but to describe it the best way i can is the time says 22:45 the first 2 is cut in half but at angle like this \ the bottom half is visible the second 2 is good its all visible the : looks like this . the 4 is good all visible the 5 is cut in half like this \ and the bottom of it is visible same for password every other dot is cut in half like this \ with the bottom of it visible. My computer is a dell latitude d531 laptop with an AMD turion 64 bit x2 processor i have 4 gigs of ram and it has ATI built in gpu.

Could you post the output of mhwd -li, please use a code box?

[code][rich@LinuxMachine ~]$ mhwd -li

Installed PCI configs:

              NAME               VERSION          FREEDRIVER           TYPE

         video-ati            2012.09.18                true            PCI

Warning: No installed USB configs!
[rich@LinuxMachine ~]$

I hope this is what you mean.[/code]
Also desktop cude no longer works

OK, Now to see what other drivers are available:

 mhwd -l

Let’s try re-installing the ATI drivers:

sudo mhwd -f -i pci video-ati sudo mhwd-gpu --setgl mesa

Did ati drivers again but did not help.

Take a look here to see if anything could be of some help to you:

Hi all,
after updating my system, I have a problem with cairo-dock, which I think it is the same as Matrix41 has pointed out: a black area on my desktop.
I have attached a screen capture in case anyone could help with this.
So far, I have tried to uninstall and reinstall it, but I still have the same problem.
Thank you,

Yea, that’s the same problem that happened to the engage dock in Enlightenment 17 when the compositor was set to use software rendering, this Issue In KDE is being caused by the updated version of SDDM 0.9.0 defaulting to KDE Plasma Workspace (Failsafe Session). Log out and in the left hand corner change the session back to KDE Plasma Workspace before logging back in, then go into system settings > workspace behavior > desktop effects > advanced tab and be sure that if is set to the correct opengl mode and to use the native compositor.


And voilà! It works!
Thank you again for your help AJSlye, you are (allways) really helpful.
Best regards,

Thank you for your kind words, I do appreciate them.