2014.09 - Doesn't boot to desktop

Had at one time the 2014.04 installed and got it to upgrade to Sept. upgrade without issue.
Now re-installing 2014.04 ran into the can’t upgrade thru Octopi due to a
":: Starting full system upgrade… :: intel-dri: requires mesa=10.2.7 :: lib32-intel-dri: requires lib32-mesa=10.2.7 ".

So used the commands.

sudo pacman -S manjaro-system pacman sudo pacman -Syu

And then run into conflicts trying to upgrade.

looking for inter-conflicts... error: unresolvable package conflicts detected error: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies) :: mhwd and mhwd-dev are in conflict

The only problem was that Octopi showed that mhwd-dev wasn’t even installed.

So downed the 2014.09.01 iso

Md5 checked out.

Burned and booted to LiveCD desktop fine. Click on intstall and setup my partitions.

Got an error and continued

Then booted showed more errors and left me without boot to desktop.
End State just sitting there.

Right now have the 2014.04 installed with the mhwd conflicts issues stated above.
But have the 2014.09 and can reinstall if it is a simple procedure to fix?

Any help on the issue is appreciated. As just took a shower and forced to use my Win7 side presently.
If I have to stay in Windows7 too long will have to take another shower! :stuck_out_tongue:

A root partition on an extended partition.
Did you have the previous version booting fine with this setup ?
I would try reformatting the drive and not using an extended partition for root.

Yep have had all my distro’s in that spot without issue.
And 2014.04 resides there now fine just won’t updated as stated above.

Had to shimmy thru some hoops and jump a few hurdles. But got 2014.04 to update to present. Tho haven’t a clue what might or might not be folded,bended and mutilated,cracked or broken?

As still haven’t found any solution to my install issue of 2014.09 issues posted above. And don’t want to work on present install if I can get a clean install of 2014.09 if I can find or another can share how I might solve this issue?


No solutions? Guess I’ll have to roll back to my SolydK KDE setup. Sad was liking Netrunner

How did you create the live boot / install media from the ISO?

Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) can not be writen to a USB using unetbootin or anything else that extracts the ISO image onto a non CD/DVD file system (exfat, fat16, fat32, NTFS, etc.), the installer will fail to complete or have issues with changing file permissions on the target device etc.

They are burned to DVD’s and boot to liveCD just fine. I have 2014.04 installed and updated to 2014.09. But installing 2014.09 results in the images posted above errors.

As pointed out in post above I got the 2014.04 installed and to upgrade jumping thru some pacman hoops. But don’t know how clean and if it is unbroken somewhere or fine under the hood.

Reason why I was wanting to get the newer 2014.09 to install which it did but in a broken state.

Was that the original 2014.09 or the updated 2014.09.1 ISO you tried?
When burning to DVD make sure you use the slowest speed setting.

mhwd-dev is not part of the update and should not be trying to install at all, you would need to manually install this package yourself.

Please run these commands in the terminal:

sudo pacman-mirrors -g -b stable
sudo pacman -Syyuu