2014-09 ISO Availabe

The Netrunner team has made available a new snapshot release of the Netrunner Rolling ISO based on Manjaro 0.8.10 “Ascella”.

Release Notes:
Baloo replacing Nepomuk
Switch to Single-Click default
added Marble, Cheese
Veromix default
New wallpapers and main cursor theme
and software updates:

Now available from the downloads page: http://www.netrunner-os.com/download/

Downloading as I type :smiley:

This is a rolling release, there is no need to re-install your already running the latest version.

IMHO, the only reasons to ever re-install a rolling distrobution is if you absolutely need the latest default configurations set up for you, or you somehow unrecoverable broke your system.


After install to the hard drive you would open the Manjaro Settings Manager > Hardware Detection and install the Non-Free (proprietary drivers) from there. Do Not use the arch method, Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) has a different graphics stack and the config files are not in the same places. You can also use MHWD from the command line to set up drivers:

Yes, I fully understand all that but I thought I’d like to install it in a fresh partition just so that I could test the new ISO - I’ve found a problem already (http://forums.netrunner-os.com/showthread.php?tid=16362) :frowning:

You’ll need to install libcanberra-pulse & libcanberra-gstreamer. You may also be missing some gstreamer codecs and plugins as well.

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at some point after that update it messed up my clock, its currently 9:28 AM but my clock says its 2:28pm, if i cliick on adjust date and time it still shows it being 9:28, where is this 2:28 pm time coming from?

Maybe it is the UTC time. Did you setup the correct timezone to show. With the scrollwheel scrolling on the panel you can switch between them.

yeah it was related to the utc time, the server is down apparently, once i unclicked utc time and picked central as my time zone i got back to normal, thanks for the tip, that put me on the right track to fix it.

Does anyone have the md5 for this? I left it torrenting for a week and now when I come to check it the download page has been updated with 09.1 and I can’t find the md5 for this one.
I don’t want to pull down another ~2.5 GB, bandwidth issues…

If you have nvidia gfx, it is recommended to download latest 2014.09.1 ISO.
Otherwise please follow the bash updating instructions in the Readme.
MD5sum: 32: b244edd02eace6d61d284abeead74daf
MD5sum: 64: 2c7a378d897cd2de27a6ad4868b6e5bd

Thanks, I have an ATI/AMD card so I should be OK.
I haven’t found the Readme in the iso image, I guess it’s available during the install though? I’ll post again if I can’t find it.

It should by right on the desktop as a link to our website

Just in case you accidentally deleted it: http://www.netrunner-os.com/readme-1408/

I saw it on the live session, I guessed it would be there on the final install (which I haven’t managed to get running yet - I’ll make a separate thread though!)

Thanks again!