(2015/02/25) new update procedure from a fresh install.

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS GUIDE IF INSTALLING YOUR SYSTEM USING THE 2015.09 AND ONWARD ISO Images. These ISO’s will be updated regularly and should only need the standard update procedure after a fresh install.

Pre-install note: If you have an Nvidia GPU then do not install the 2014.09.1 ISO using the non-free driver option on the ISO or there WILL have issues performing this update. If you do require the proprietary driver for gaming, etc. do so after this update procedure using the Manjaro Settings Manger > Hardware Detection utility or from the command line using mhwd.

Until there is a new snapshot release for Netrunner Rolling, the following procedure is required to perform a successful system update from a fresh installation using the Netrunner Rolling 2014.09.1 ISO.

First thing to do is edit your /etc/pacman.conf file as root and either comment out or remove the blueshell repositories entries completely before proceeding. The files in this repository are no longer maintained and way out of date.

SigLevel = Optional TrustAll

Next, proceed with the following commands one by one in a terminal (Konsole or yakuake):

sudo rm -R /var/lib/pacman/local/bash-4.3.024-1
sudo pacman -Syy pacman manjaro-system
sudo pacman -S archlinux-keyring manjaro-keyring
sudo pacman -S  bash pacman-mirrorlist
sudo pacman -Rdd baloo4
sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo pacman -R cloog isl

Be sure to hit y for all replace and remove prompts.

When finnished reboot your system.
Once it boots back up to the SDDM log in screen, be sure to change the session from KDE Plasma Workspace (Failsafe Mode) to KDE Plasma Workspace.

Note: If you need to add a printer first remove these two packages:

 sudo pacman -R foomatic-db foomatic-db-nonfree

I was looking into this, but it seems like this package has disappeared.

You are right it seems that a developer had asked for these to be deleted.

However, systemd-readahead is still up
You can follow the AUR discussions here:

Thanks for the instructions. I just completed a fresh install and the update list was massive! This process looks to have been successful so far. :cool:

Fresh install today …
i follow this procedure … and it doesn’t work ! :s:s

1- sudo pacman -Sy pacman manjaro-system conflict nvidia driver

2 - When reboot … the boot stop for ever at "Starting network Time Service … Screen … Out … ices)

Any ideas ?

thanks …

if not when will be the next iso install ?

Could you please post the exact error output your getting after entering Y for the manjaro-system conflicts with nvidia driver notification?

I’ve never had these two packages conflict on any other system thus far, the only packages that the proprietary Nvidia driver ever conflicted with were mesa, mhwd or older versions of itself,. All of these prior conflicts were solved before the 2014.09.1 ISO’s was released.

As Netrunner don’t start anymore … the error msg was something like that
unable to upgade manjaro-settings … mhwd-nvidia-legacy is conflicting mhwd-nvidia-304xx :s

no choice just
error: unresolvable package conflicts detected

should i install netrunner by choosing free driver, then update the system and only after that replace free driver by nvidia driver ?

Yes if this was a new install then that would be the easiest solution, I forgot that the mhwd meta files names had changed because Manjaro now has to support three different Nvidia driver series packages.

Ok i’ll try this after work & will tell you if ii’s ok


Thank you for this most helpful post!
Installing Netrunner Rolling is my first experience in using pacman so your tips for updating from a fresh install really came in handy.
Just so you know, the update went smoothly even with 800+ files.
I think I am going to enjoy this distro very much, it’s asthetically pleasing, beautifully integrated and very, very snappy (notably fast on my laptop).
I’ve never ventured far from Debian based distros and always used apt package manager so this is a little new to me … but I am very much enjoying the ride.

(aka timber)

There are a few differences of course.
First thing I would say is to keep an eye out on this sub-forum as all my update announcements, etc. this is where they get posted. Once in a while there may be one or more additional steps required for an update to succeed and these are usually in my announcements.
My second bit of advice is that If your used to using PPA’s for additional software not found in the Ubuntu repositories, then the AUR will be your best friend. The AUR (Arch user repository) is a repository of pkgbuild scripts that can download, often times compile, and install just about anything you need that is not officially supported in the repositories. Just type yaourt -Ss {package name} in the command line to search the AUR and then yaourt -S {package name} to install the one you choose. This can also be done in Octopi via the alien Icon next to the search box. If a web interface for searching is more comfortable, you can do that as well from here: https://aur.archlinux.org/
Third thing is to enjoy your newly installed, stable, rolling, up to date never need to reinstall (unless you really mess up something) and fun to use System. :wink:

Great information, thanks for the AUR link and cli tips!
The Manjaro “Pacman Tips” that you suggested in another post also make the change over pretty easy.
I’ll keep my eye on the forum for update specifics. :cool:


Hi @AJSlye,

you don’t get shot of me :slight_smile: because I would like to test your rolling netrunner branch now.

A few days ago I’ve had trouble with proprietary nvidia stuff on a fresh manjaro installation, the installing wents fine but after an update there was no possibility to reactivate xserver, I’ve tried different ways to rebuild nvidia driver but no chance. Today I get a new fast machine with integrated intel graphic chip, I think it is the best solution for me, apart from that I spend no time for computer gaming and need an excellent 2D display for my fotos, the intel hd 4600 with hdmi should do this job, needs no fan and I’ve a very silent computer without consuming much electric power.

But my wife still uses a machine with Nvidia, perhaps with nouveau everything goes glad and my wife also does not use computer for gaming.

A few questions: ships last Netrunner rolling iso with kde 4 stuff or with kf5 stuff? Does this manual still work on netrunner rolling:

Kind regards,

OK, the current ISO ships with KDE SC 4 and is quite old (based on Manjaro 0.8.10), that is why I made this thread. I also have a modified version of that tutorial for Netrunner Rolling here:

PS. I’m currently working on a new Plasma 5 based Netrunner Rolling ISO, but this time I’m using the manjaro-tools to build it, and rethinking some of the ways that the Netrunner specific modifications were made the first time around. I’m trying to make this new ISO easier to maintain without making to many deviations from upstream Manjaro and so that it will also be easier to keep updated what we currently need to provide via in our own repositories. So far it is going great, but there are still a few things left to do before it is ready to be released.