A Weekend At Archies NetRunner

So I have spend a full week with Netrunner Rolling (Arch/Manjaro). Here are some my thoughts, on it. As well as some speed bumps.

First Off let me start Of by saying thank you for the people involve in putting together this mix Of Netrunner.

Now then Let’s Begin.

: First Off I Notice the drivers For the Wacom Tablets Was not installed Like they were installed 13.12 by default. I don’t know about the new

Ubuntu/Debian one as I have not seen if they are installed right of the bat as I have not tested the lasted image on that.

Not A Big Problem But, convenience and time.

: Another Snag I ran into was With my current graphics card. It seems the Driver that comes with this build amd/ati decided to remove over scan/under scan. at least On My graphics card series

I don’t know about others ati graphics but Later on I’ll test out a newer better graphics card on it.

: When I Put The computer into hibernate./sleep and log back in the computer seems to freeze I can only get into terminal mode,have to hard reboot. So no more Sleep/hibernate.

[color=#483D8B]::->I Love how you guys Went out of your way to auto Fix,config The Cyborg Mouse issue that was present 13.12

Making it much more hassle free for us cyborgs.

Love the new Login,beautiful,minimal,Default Wall Is a nice one.

Those Are some of the things I came across in my log ins and my so far experience with this flavor Of netrunner.

Waiting for the next one.[/color]
:Update! Ooops didn’t see I was On Ideas,If some one Wants to move this over to General,Thanx!