Adding to the Right-click Desktop Contextual Menu

Have a Lock Screen and a Leave but no Restart? or Shutdown?
Wondering if a way to add Restart?

Thanks! as Googled and looked about and found Zilch! :huh:

Those don’t exist under the contextual menu in Plasma 5.

Strange they have Leave and Lock Screen. But not the others available.
As convenient to quick right-click shutdown or restart. Then mousing move hunt and click.
No Biggie tho.

Barring that haven’t figure out how to drag those power buttons like Restart to a panel.
Doesn’t seem to work stays in the menu. And there are no plasmoids dedicated to those functions.

Leave should give you a dialog where you can choose logout, shutdown or restart

Nope logs me out. Even tho I have the options checked in settings to give me those options.

Ah did you check if shutdown asking is set to on. Otherwise this might happen.
By default ist is set to off on rolling

Yep Offer Shutdown Options. Which I don’t get any options except to set default action for Leave.

Want I’m missing was the choices. As sometimes I want to Log Out or I may want to Restart or Shutdown.
Can do that to the menu. But so much easier to have it in Right-Click Menu.

Click Confirm logout if you want it to ask, otherwise it will just do whatever action you choose from the menu, without confirming.

Hmmm Old Brain didn’t quite understand what they are intending. As treated them as separate.
When they are interrelated. Tho that just gives me more choices and clicks.
Wanting the one click restart or shutdown. Without any more steps or fuss.

Where’s those Bio-Gel Neural Packs you were promising me? :stuck_out_tongue:
Looks Like my Brain Pack is degrading Fast! :s