after innstall on restart

did fresh install of new roleing restated hit netrunner it does its thing lots of oks then stops by a line with quiet in it i forget if its xserver plymouth what ever but thats as far as i get im on a live just to put this ? / problem out here like i said its a new install i know its there but cant get on it HELPPPPPPPP thanks in advance an sorry for spellin erors i just woke up an aint had coffeeeee yet ill pop back in a wile till i get the help i need to get back on the installed an not be on live like i am now

There are a lot of thing that can be, you’ll need to be more specific, also could you please re-post your issue in the correct part of the forum.

i dont know were to put it hell im lucky im even on here to put it anywere i need help to get this workin rite do you got google hangouts? itll be easyer to talk on there than here

Yes, of course I have hangouts. What I meant by the correct part of forum was to post under one of the Netrunner Rolling sub forums:

My Google plus page is part of my profile:

im on my g+ ill drop ya a note for when you get on