After new Install Update problem

Just installed Netrunner and tried the suggested methods for updatiing (avoiding Muon) via both the Synaptic Package Manager and the terminal.
Both return the same results: " Could not download all repository indexes"

In fact it didn’t fetch any thing and I got a long list saying “Could not fetch…”

Anyone got a solution to this one?

Did you install 13.06?
32 or 64bit?

Hi there,
OS: Linux 3.5.0-22-generic x86_64
System: Netrunner 12.12
KDE: 4.9.4
Hope this answers your question…McC

Odd… I assume your network is otherwise working?
Also, why not 13.06 the latest when you just install new?

Don’t know how I ended up with the earlier version as I can’t remember where I downloaded it from.
Possibly better if I try the later version.
Thanks anyway…McCfuzz