Alrighty then...

Second attempt at installing failed, and the post I wrote asking for help just vanished because I tried to attach the var/log/syslog file that might explain to someone what went wrong, and the forum says that type of file is not allowed - it’s just plain text, WTF? When it gave me that message it wiped out everything I just typed. I really need an OS on this machine today if at all possible. I have no idea how to diagnose problems like this, I’ve used Kubuntu for years but don’t mess around under the hood at all and am not fluent in command line. I liked the previous version, which I used on a stick for several days on a different computer. I was all worried about how to partition the hard drive to have home directory on a separate partition, but didn’t even get that far.

Off to search for something easy that works but would love to have Netrunner so will check back here in case there’s some hope…

What version are you using (64 or 32bit)?
Do you have secure boot disabled?
Are you using Netrunner as single Linux or multiboot other OSes?
Does LIVE USB desktop work normal and if so at what point does the installer crash?

Maybe when you boot and press F12 to bring up options, try to select NON-UEFI option, read here:

I am using 32-bit installer. I went into the BIOS to disable secure boot, but it didn’t look anything like the BIOS in the instructional video you provided. I disabled something in the security section but don’t remember what it was - I wrote it down but that was at home and I’m at work now. Will go home in a little while and let you know, if it’s important.

If I ever get it installed, I will be using Netrunner as a single boot system, but it currently has Windows 7 installed. It’s a Thinkpad X200 that I bought used on eBay, it just arrived yesterday. Right now Windows is the only OS on the machine, which is why I am anxious to get something else working - I don’t feel safe doing much of anything online with Windows.

Live USB appears to be normal, I downloaded it from the server and checked the MD5 this time! I didn’t spend a lot of time using it though, I went straight for the installer. It hung at the “Prepare” stage, and after a long wait it gave me information about why it failed, but I was not able to attach that information to a forum post. (There must be reasons for not allowing a text file to be attached, but it might have been useful to be able to share the diagnostic information that was there.)

The boot options didn’t have anything that said UEFI, it just listed the drives it found and I selected the USB stick.

Just another thought - because I am trying to install on a newly-purchased used laptop, can you suggest ways to test the hardware to make sure everything is as it should be? Should I defrag the hard drive? Are there diagnostic programs I could run from Windows or from the USB Netrunner session, to see that the hardware is not causing trouble? The seller provided a new install of Windows 7 Professional.


Does that machine use a 64bit CPU?
Please write down what you have turned on or off in your BIOS.
If its a 64bit machine, you should use 64bit ISO to try and press some key (usually F12) right after turning on your machine to bring up boot menu options and select boot device with UEFI or non-UEFI options (only for 64bit).

What I turned off in the BIOS was in the “Security” section, called “Memory Protection” and the description made it seem safe to disable even if it wasn’t the right thing.

I was using the 32 bit ISO because of advice elsewhere telling me that it would likely be less problematic. This is a 64 bit machine but I was told that 32 bit would be better - and no worries about that UEFI problem.

My other machine, the Windows thing I need to have for work, is the same as the one I’m trying to install Netrunner on, and it’s using 32 bit windows without any problem. I needed 32 bit on that machine because I use a DOS program that I was told would not run on a 64 bit OS. I won’t need that here of course… it has never worked with any of the DOS emulators I could find for Linux.

Is anyone interested in the contents of var/log/syslog resulting from the failed install? I could maybe paste it into a post here if the forum won’t accept a file attachment. This live session is refusing to mount my external drive so I don’t think I can save it beyond this session.

The thinkpad x200 does come with a normal bios so no uefi troubles here.
As for the cpu it should support 64Bit and that means we recommend you to use the 64Bit version.

As for a log file. If only the installer crashed there should be a log file of the installer aswell in /var/log (called something with ubiquity) besides the messages file.
Attaching log files here to the forum needs renaming to an .txt extension I guess (this is the default on that kind of forums)

Trying to attach the log file here - this is the file that the installer said had the information about why it failed. I saved it with a .txt extension. Puzzled about why it had no extension suffix on it - that’s one of the Windows tricks I hate, but I’m here in the USB Netrunner session.