Alsamixer [bug,maybe]

Sometimes, I can open alsamixer in terminal and sometimes I can’t. I have found a work around so it’s no bother, I just thought it might be a bug and I would report it. If there is anything I could do to help, let me know.



Is there an error message when you can’t open up alsamixer ?
If yes please post it here.

Also by default with pulseaudio running alsamixer will show you the pulseaudio mixer instead of the mixer for your soundcard. So you might need to define the soundcard explicetely with -c 0 or -c 1 depending on your soundcard number.

cannot open mixer: No such file or directory.

I have seen this error googling. But I thought it was strange that I get it sometimes, but not all the time. if I type alsamixer -c 1 for example it will open. I can’t say for sure if I have pulseaudio running. Can I check that with a command?

I will assume now this is user generated though?

Pulseaudio runs by default.
You can hit CTRL+Esc to open the process viewer which shows you a list of processes. Here you should find pulseaudio aswell.

As said you need to enter alsamixer -c 1 to open up the card always when pulseaudio is running