Amazon Prime

For some reason, even though i have installed flash player and updated it; I can not watch videos on Amazon Prime. Can anyone help as I am still very new to the Netrunner/Linux world. :s

Amazon Prime uses DRM content, Adobe flashplayer for Linux is no longer supported with new features, only security updates. Unfortunately this includes DRM content compatibility, only pepperflash that comes with Google Chrome is compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime and other DRM’d media sources.

PS. next time please post in the apropriate sub forum for the version on Netrunner your using, Standard or Rolling.

As far as I know the adobe flashplayer is the only one supporting drm in a way. Pepperflash never supported it on linux.
For drm to work with the adobe flashplayer however you need the outdated hal package and it’s libraries. This is no guarantee that prime will then work (sometimes on some hardware it only plays a few seconds and refuses to go on due to drm errors) but it’s a thing you could try. I would recommend here maybe trying an older linux live Distro which still ships hal by default to test it first.

No actually both support DRM content to a degree, however newer DRM methods are not supported under the older Adobe flashplayer since it is no longer receiving new features and only security updates. Also the browser needs to support DRM content as well, this is why Netflix only works natively under Google-Chrome and not any other browser under Linux.

Ah so that’s the reason even when ppapi flash installed under chromium it does not support drm with it?

I only found that in regards to ppapi flash:
So DRM might be supported in the browser but not in the flash plugin.

Yes and No, it’s actually a combination of the two as Netflix under Google Chrome is using HTML 5 and not pepper-flash, but isn’t EOL, Discontinued, Unsupported and/or Proprietary software fun, lol… :slight_smile:

Actually support for Netflix as well as most other DRM content wasn’t included in Google Chrome for Linux until version 37, the link you provided was actually talking about version 25, but that’s neither here nor there.

The reason chromium, Firefox and others don’t support DRM content is a licensing issue more than anything else, but there are other legal and philosophical concerns as well.

Mozilla didn’t want to do this but as it turns out they are currently working on adding the ability to stream DRM content in Firefox, but just like Google’s Chrome it will be using html5 not flash:

There are other references to this as well but I have too many other things going on right now to post them. :slight_smile: (hal depends on hal-info)

Do this. You need hal for the drm support for flash player, but can only get hal from AUR as it was removed a long while ago.


That’s because hal has been depreciated and isn’t used anymore:

Well except for maybe drm in flash player, which in itself is reaching it’s EOL date anyway.