animated wallpapers.


The dreamdesktop is somewhat too heavy for my machine, therefore it is possible to have an animated wallpaper and there are 3 pre-installed.
I really like them, but is it possible to add a few more of these animations?

And where can I find them?


[color=#000080]Lower them here:[/color]

I will have a look, thanks!
They look great but actualIy I meant those changing wallpapers, not these .wmv movie things…

[color=#000080][i]Use Google translator, sorry I do not speak English.

Right click on the desktop, a menu appears, click “Desktop Preferences default”; in the second line where “Wallpapers” says, you put “Submission” and place it below the folder containing the images and give the interval time to change, the default is 10 seconds.[/i][/color]

Yo no hablo español. :slight_smile:

Voy a darle una oportunidad!