Antivirus options


Netrunner is a beautiful Linux distribution and I want to thank to all who worked and realized it for us!

After installation I searched for some antivirus from well-known companies who offer a Linux edition; after several trials I finally find out how to install Bitdefender, I think there are also other good software for this purpose but this was my choice after some research. I want to share for those who don`t know the steps to get this to work- maybe is useful, for I was forced to reinstall several times Netrunner because my faults(or maybe a lack in instructions from the companies providing the antivirus programs on Linux)

1)First of all install Netrunner 17(Horizon) 64 bit and update immediately it from Muon Update Manager, even if this take some time. Don`t open your browser or other programs before updating from repository via Muon.

2)Download from

Pay attention, there are three variants of files, I preferred the first one, respectively file

3)Save this file in /home/user/Downloads, where user is your user name, for example Jim.You may do this by choosing a folder for your downloads from Firefox ->Edit->Preferences->General section

4)Open a terminal and run the following command from the directory where the actual file is located(in this case, /home/user/Downloads)

[code]$ sudo bash
[sudo] password for username:[/code]

Scroll down License Agreement with SPACE BAR and type "accept" and ENTER to begin the installation. Depending on your installation you may also want to install graphical user interface(preferably)
Do you want to install BitDefender Antivirus Scanner GUI package ? (Y/n) y

After successful installation you will see message:

BitDefender Antivirus Scanner successfully installed!

5)After this, hit the super key(which is mapped to the Windows key opening the main menu and open System-> BitDefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices for running it. Update immediately and chose the Settings you prefer(I donrecommend to check the Enable the file drop zone from Settings, for Ive noticed that this completely blocked the program).

  1. Finally restart the system.

If you prefer to run Bitdefender from CLI, type # bdscan or #bdgui for scanning or for GUI

I hope this will help you!

N.B. This short tutorial is for 64 bit distributions.[/align]