Any gamers here able to help me install AMD graphics drivers?

Hi all

Am new to Netrunner (just installed today) and whilst i have used Linux before i am still very much a newb.
Also, trying to move from windows to Linux, thanks in the main to Steam for supporting linux games.

However i am having problems with Graphics drivers i.e. i can’t install “”

I just get this error message:

Now as far as i can see i have headers so am unsure what the problem is.

Can anyone help with tis problem only running the game, whilst it works, is very slow (the game is EU4) so i figured i’d need propietry drivers.

Many thanks

The legacy driver isn’t supported anymore on newer linux kernels.
Do you really need the legacy driver ? Does the normal driver in the driver manager not work for you ?

A: What AMD display chip do you have?
B: Before downloading installer from AMD did you try the New Driver Manager under system settings to install the proprietary driver?