Apps started as root are not working fine


after fresh install here’s how “kdesudo systemsettings5” looks like

then “kdesudo dolphin”

What to say. Every release reserves surprises like these. Sometimes surprise is a new challenge, sometimes I’m just tired of having always challenges. :dodgy:

Could someone help to get systemsettings5 and EVERY apps started as root working? (it’s not just a matter of look)

Edit: Synaptic Package Manager is working fine. Don’t know what to understand from this :frowning:

Why something possible in previous releases is not possible anymore?

Even from your boot cd live system, if I enter ‘strace -e open kdesudo dolphin’, here’s what I got:

So you can’t argue it comes from my way to install or configure.

And the result is the screenshot shared above, with the beautiful “The process for the file protocol died unexpectedly” red message. Didn’t have such issue in Netrunner 16. Which game are you playing devs?

Some Kubuntu users reported the same bullshit. So in brief, if I understand well, when Kubuntu sucks somewhere you just follow? So how Netrunner is more reliable than Kubuntu? Support? Yeah I see how much time it takes to have a technical help here, so efficient team. Surely the same team trying to force me to use Activities instead of separate virtual desktops as in KDE4? looks promising.

I’ve been so much a Netrunner supporter since v12, trying to spread the word everywhere possible, trying to advise my friends to try it. Now I feel like having guided peoples I like to the wrong way.

I’ve seen your empty #netrunner-os discussion group today at freenodes. Tried to get some help from #kubuntu group but nobody can visibly help me to get this XDG_RUNTIME_DIR set correctly for root user.

I’ve seen answers like “Is there a reason you need to start applications as root?”
Hey it’s not the problem! And it doesn’t respond to my question: why is it possible in Netrunner v16 and not anymore in Netrunner 17? nor the “how to fix it” question…

You feel me rude? Yeah, the more I liked Netrunner (and I’ve really loved it), the more I am disappointed and frustrated, and the more I’m angry against your inconsistency and lack of seriousness.

So what now? Should I wait to the next release? And waiting for this time should I go back to v16 without being sure that everything will be ok in v18?
Should I switch to Netrunner Rolling Release while I read everywhere from Manjaro users having tested Netrunner that your tweaks bring nothing new nor interesting?

One of the great supporter of Kubuntu and even more of Netrunner was Dedoimedo. Check his last reviews about Kubuntu and Netrunner. I’m sure we’re more users to feel the same, you’ve sent yourself a torpedo to your users community.

“the difference with Windows or Mac is that you get help from a real community”
How much time did I read or heard this? But where’s this so wide community here? Very bad.

So I will take the benefits of Ubuntu compatibility with latest Ubuntu Gnome
So I will take the benefits of KDE (and check if there are still some) with latest openSUSE

I will put my last hopes for Netrunner in the next LTS release during spring 2016. Will be my last chance to still love Netrunner’s reliability.

See you (maybe) in a few months. Hope there is someone here to read messages.

Merry Christmas, happy new year and go on… :frowning:

Please keep in mind that we don’t have a global timezone we are all living in. So patience is somehow required when it comes to support as we supporters might be living in a different timezone.

I see the issue. It’s definitely a bug. Slipped through our testing. We all are humans we can’t create perfect systems we can only try our best. So please keep that in mind in your judgment. Newer features, newer software always carries the danger of regressions.

In this case it seems to be a bug introduced in kf5 concerning various things. (dbus and icon theme location)
We will search for a solution and will post it as soon as we have one.

Unfortunately this seems to be a bug currently that isn’t fixed yet. See this bug report:

As a workaround you can start dolphin for example with this command

kdesudo -c "KDE_SESSION_VERSION=5 KDE_FULL_SESSION=true XDG_DATA_DIRS=/usr/share/netrunner-default-settings/plasma5-profile:/usr/share/plasma:/usr/local/share/:/usr/share/ dbus-launch dolphin"

Yeah I keep it in mind bud. And I contribute in enough little open-source projects to know that peoples do it on their free time. But you couldn’t deny that Netrunner’s community is so little that you have time zones problem :slight_smile:

In fact yesterday I’ve found only one average user like me in #netrunner-os discussion group while there were around 70 persons from lot of countries (and time zones by the way) in #kubuntu one.

My problem is not only about executing things as root. After having updated I had only a black screen during OS loading (even Plymouth step), and it remained black. It could be due to my actions but I’ve reproduced my installation twice with same problem. Usually I have issues with nvidia driver but I know how to solve it. This time I didn’t have the time to install it.

I’m sorry if my reaction is hurting as it was not fair: my main disappointment is KDE. For example the way they don’t accept their users ideas and try to force their point-of-view and uses (check discussions about Activities vs Virtual Desktop, it’s like talking to a wall). But I won’t do a list of all my disappointments here.

Only thing you have to know is that more you love a project more the disappointment could be important, frustration too. I’ve seen that latest Gnome3 and Cinnamon have changed a lot since the last time I’ve tested them a few years ago. I will use and taste them until spring’s next Netrunner LTS because I’m tired to reinstall my system every 6 months for, finally, little benefits.

I’ve asked here in 2014 to unlock or whitelist my main email address (account Fenyx on this forum), and I’m still blocked 18 months later. For me it’s a lack of reactivity or users concern, not a problem with time zones.

I need a desktop OS reliable enough to use in professional environment so it may be my fault to have made a bad choice, maybe Netrunner is too experimental to my need. But I wanted to support the KDE team behind it.

I’ve removed Netrunner from my hard-drive now after two days feeling very lonely with my problems. I may reinstall it but not for now. Maybe in 2016. So I will not come back to bother your team with my requirements.

And please, if the forum admin isn’t able to manage Akismet filters so remove Akismet plugin. And please make a really active IRC channel somewhere.

Thanks a lot Leszek for having taken the time to answer me and for really trying to help. See you one day or another… Tschüss