[ASK] Graphic problem on netbook ASUS eeepc 1015CX

Hello, I have installed Netrunner 13.06 yesterday on my netbook ASUS eeepc 1015CX. I try to watch some HD movies using VLC, sound has no problem, but the graphic very poor and cannot watched on fullscreen mode. I also try games like glTron, chromium-bsu and supertuxkart and it moves very slow. Do you think that I need to install some graphic drivers or accelerator? :huh:

On “Display Info” from “My Computer” show that my netbook use Intel which 2D driver: fbdev and 3D driver: Unknown Gallium (9.1.1). Before Netrunner, I try Slax and the graphic works perfectly with no problem.

You card seems not to be supported well by intel. So in your cas its running basically the vesa like driver with gallium support. Make sure to have the latest packages of xserver-xorg-video-intel and libva-intel-vaapi-driver