Audio Problems

Is there a way to set the sound settings back to the default mode? I’ve been trying to “fix” this and I think I"ve changed the settings to much for anything to work. And once everything is back to default, what in the world do I do to get sound?

If you changed sound settings in the phonon settings you have a revert and defaults button there.
If you played with the mixers in kmix however I am afraid there is no such option to reset this.

If you have sound issues please take a look at the kmix mixers and if they are not muted and sound volume is up.
Also notice that you can take a look at all mixers in kmix also but they are hidden and need to be make visible in the settings.

I did change the mixers in kmix. So to get sound back, do I have to reinstall Netrunner? There’s got to be something else that’s less drastic.

You don’t have to reinstall. You could just manually set back the mixer settings to the ones you were running before.
If you want to delete your custom settings and let KMix reguess your default settings you could also remove the configuration files stored in ~/.kde/share/config/kmixrc and ~/.kde/share/config/kmixctrlrc .
( ~ is your home folder i.e. /home/sojones . The .kde folder is hidden and can be made visible via ALT+. keycombo or by clicking the appriopiate setting in the filemanagers settings).

I hope this helps

Removed those config files. Still no audio. Any suggestions? Nothing seems to be muted.

you need to relogin after deleting.
Also check if every mixer is up.
You can try to use alsamixer from a terminal to check and see every possible volume that you can set

Got sound. Used PulseAudio. But for some reason, the volume keys on the laptop don’t control volume. I have to do that
through pulse. Any way to make it where the keys control the volume levels?

Normally they should control the volume. Do you have kmix running ?
If you have it running you can set hotkeys under the settings menu in kmix.

Thank you for your help. That’s what I love about Linux. Still no luck though. I’ve never had this much trouble with Mint or Ubuntu. Have to find another distro.

Not exactly. Acctually possible that key bindings was lost on configs remove. I think necessary check it in kmix Settings-> Configure Shortcuts bindings. If it not helps check that your sound buttons really catch by kernel.Do it with xev command.