Auto-mounting External Hard Drives

When I reboot 17 it does not automount my attached external hard drive and I´m wondering if this is a setting that I am missing or a missing feature?
My external hard drive automounted under Netrunner 14

Isn’t there a configuration you can set in systemsettings to automount these partitions ?
If it isn’t (must be in Plasma 5.5) you can try to edit the /etc/fstab and include your drive there which will try to mount that partition on every boot.
See this wiki on how to edit the /etc/fstab:

No obvious setting for automount to be found in the system settings. I may try to edit /etc/fstab but will likely wait until 5.5x and the next LTS to see if this feature is included. However, since I rarely reboot my machine this is not a big missing feature.

I use auto-mount for this. I have it saved as a .deb file You have ot install gksu as well to get it working.

Thanks, I´ll look into this.

If you cant find the program, I cant send it to you

Thanks for the offer, if I need to I´ll give you a shout out. I´m hoping that 18(LTS), when released, will come with some fixes and upgrades. Automounting should be one as it was there in 14.


Yeah I do agree with you on that. The Auto-Amount used to be in the PPA I think but is no longer there. Just PM if u need it.

take care