B-Tree File System

In 2010 I changed from Windows to Kubuntu. I was happy with it until Spring this year. Kubuntu 15.04 was a disaster. And Kubuntu 15.10 is not much better. Good luck there is Netrunner. But I always got a problem starting the OS with KDE 5. After some days I had to fix the file system using “e2fsck /dev/sdb1”. Finally the start procedure stopped and nothing could fix the problem. So I tried different OS as there are Debian, Mageia, etc. All are with KDE 5. With the OS openSUSE came the file system “btrfs” for the partition with the OS. Now I tried Netrunner 16 again. After a while I got a file system error for the partition with my user files. After installing “btrfs” for this partition too I got no more problems with the file system. Is it known that KDE 5 might have a problem with “ext4” as I experienced?
Today I am running Netrunner 17. There are only some minor issues. It is way better than Kubuntu 15.10. But what is if Kubuntu will die. What will happen to Netrunner in such a case?
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Kubuntu wont die, there are great people in Kubuntu community to continue to release new versions. So lets wait for Kubuntu LTS in April and see.