Backporting In Second Edition

Would it be possible to install the Second Edition (LTS I believe) and then backport the new 12.12, to get the best of both world?


Hi Hawkeye,

Netrunner 4.2.x is LTS, so it shares all the backports of (K)Ubuntu.
To enable backports:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports

It will be technological updated (like Firefox 17 for example), though any of the “look and feel” components will have to be done manually (like installing FormaN as Window Decoration, adding “Homerun” as alternative Launcher, etc.).

Should netrunner also have its own backport ppa for some of it’s own additional things so one can sit on a Netrunner LTS and have at least some of what is in current Netrunner release? I am asking as a question/suggestion because my own preference when dealing with a Debian or Ubuntu has always been to stick with a LTS/stable release and then use backports. Using ppa’s for updating the other “intermediary” Ubuntu releases I think could be a pain because ppa’s can make upgrading more difficult, but LTS’s (like Debian stable) are infrequent enough they are worth doing new installs if so necessary.