Beautiful Work!

I installed Netrunner Rolling a couple of hours ago and I’m very impressed. It’s very nice looking. I like the blue look you gave it. I’m a Manjaro fan, but I prefer the look of your rolling distro to the green look of Manjaro; it’s a personal preference, no reflection on the excellent work of the Manjaro team. You guys (and girls?) have done some really nice work putting this together. I’ll be playing with it for a while to see how it performs and will write a short review on it at <>.

I like the idea of having two different visions as you do. This is very good. I also like that you chose one desktop, KDE; it happens to be my fave. It’s so well integrated and has so much to offer in the way of software and eye candy. KDE rocks and so does your distro. :heart:

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Thanks for your feedback :wink:
We are doing our best.

Thanks grgaud, I’m looking forward to reading your review of our little Manjaro based version of Netrunner on your Blog.
I must say that I have already been enjoying all of your blog posts so far, so to you sir I say, keep up the good work yourself.

@AJSlye. Thank you for the kind words. My experience with Netrunner so far has been very positive. I would recommend this distro to anyone, especially someone coming from a Windows environment, to show them what a real OS looks like and works like. I’d do the same for Manjaro. Right now, I’m running Manjaro on /dev/sda and Netrunner on /dev/sdb and it’s a toss-up as to which one is better. Netrunner wins a few more points on looks, but that’s a personal preference of mine.


@leszek. You’re welcome. I think it’s important to let people know when they’re doing good work. You are indeed doing your best, and I love what you’ve done.


I would say neither is actually “better” than the other, especially since Netrunner Rolling Edition uses Manjaro as it’s base system, just like how Netrunner Standard Edition uses Kubuntu as it’s base.

You could technically take the Manjaro Net or KDE Edition, add the blueshell repository and install all the same packages that Netrunner Rolling has by default and have almost the same system as Netrunner Rolling, trust me I’ve done it.

And thanks again for the great vote of confidence in our spin of Manjaro.

Good point. I guess it boils down to esthetics and what a person likes in the way of looks.


There is a little more than just looks going on here but yea, it does all boil down to the extra customization’s, enhancements and polish that the Netrunner team have added to both of their editions.

I must second that specially on Netrunner 14 LTS. I came from a Windows environment and been playing around with Linux for the past 5 years. I have tried a bunch of different distributions, but there was always a bug or two to deal with. Therefore it wasn’t a perfect system that I could use every day. I finally discovered Netrunner 14 LTS, after using Linux Mint for the past 2 years. I switched to Netrunner 14, and it absolutely blew my mind. I found the perfect operating system. It comes with everything out of the box, including the Virtualbox, if you have a need to run Windows 7, or 8 occasionally, like my self from time-to-time…, and everything works like it suppose to. I also tried Netrunner Rolling for good while, but I kept running into issues and problems. Even though the support has always been phenomenal, but It became too much to bare. So I switched back to Netrunner 14 LTS, and have been extremely happy. I recommend anyone who’s coming from a Windows environment, and not scared of trying something new to give Netrunner a try, and don’t even waste time venturing into other distros. My special thanks to the Netrunner support team and specially AJSlye whom had gone above and beyond during my crisis with the Netrunner Rolling version, and I couldn’t have gotten a better support even if it was a paid subscription!
Netrunner is the BEST Linux distribution out there. :slight_smile:

Hi Fred,
You just reminded me of something I’ve been wanting to do: I run the rolling edition of Netrunner on my first SSD, but I have a spare SSD on which I can try the 14 LTS edition. I’ll install that, use it for a few days and write a short review of it on my blog. Thank you. :slight_smile:

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