Ben from Chile: awesome os ..intro smplayer

Hi there,

I am Ben from Chile, Linux user since 2004-2005. KDE desktop fan since 2005 and on. Congratulations for your new Frontier 14 version, I decided to install it besides my Kubuntu 14.04.1 LTS and have been testing NetRunner 14 and I am much more grateful for your adapatations and cool fixes ( Homerun launcher, at last LDSP band-Equalizer, lighter start and leave among many others). After some 10 days I also decided to change a bit: installed Ktorrent, SMPlayer v14.0.9 including youtube player and downloader, also added Popcorntime and Rekonq web browser… replaced all my customizing apps for your VLC, Fiefox, Transmission. And so far your cool OS is running great. Thanks again for offering old KDE users this high quality pick Linux OS.

All the best from Chile, South America

[color=#000080]Thanks for your comment Ben @ngenechen, Netrunner is an excellent distribution as has been shown.
We have a forum in Spanish that you can use to leave your questions and comments.
Welcome to Netrunner!