Boot error logs - Failed to load kernels


Can any one tell me where I can find the boot error logs in Rolling.
On boot up I get the message [FAILED] in red but cant pause boot up.

Thanks in advance - Steve

There is the /var/log/boot.log file. But I guess since Rolling uses systemd by default you better use the command
journalctl -b. You might need to execute it as root though.

Thanks leszek

Is this what I should be looking at? As today booted up fine. Then shutdown and went out to a shoot. Booted up to Win7 side edit some images in Lightroom. Then booted into Netrunner and just hanged there at clean sda5 which is my root.

Waited for a couple of minutes then just hit the reset button on computer. Where it repeated to hang there at systemd clean sda5 for 4 mins. Until I reset and this time picked the 3.16-5 fallback and it booted up fine. So checked it desktop and apps everything normal. Then rebooted and booted up auto-login just fine using default 3.16.5 and seems to be a intermittent issue?

So what should I look for as suspect a systemd issue first followed by a SDDM issue?
Is this a know issue that pops up from time to time?

Thanks as any info helps and is appreciated. And one line as I’m looking thru log.
Who is Yama? :huh:

Nov 02 12:07:25 Winterfell kernel: Yama: becoming mindful.


It’s a strange error. Maybe it has something todo with the driver. Can you boot without splash and quiet options to see a more detailed log on which message it hangs.
You can also check /var/log/Xorg.0.log if you think it is a X issue.

Yep good call. As some have Plymouth issues. Tho Pretty can do with out.
Wonder if I need the fix from this thread?
Download version 2 at end of thread and apply?

And one line as I’m looking thru log.
Who is Yama? :huh:

Nov 02 12:07:25 Winterfell kernel: Yama: becoming mindful.


If you’ve updated your system with the latest update-pack then Plymouth might not be your issue, The latest update-pack included SDDM 0.9.0 which has better support for Plymouth. However, since this was such a large leap in versions there we’re some major changes in file locations and configuration options, etc.

Please read and follow this post:

Yep was in that post asking about SDDM. And if Plymouth isn’t the issue.
Maybe SDDM or something systemd?

Will keep an eye out and see how it goes.
If necessary will switch back to KDM and see if that resolves the issue.
Otherwise will keep trudging along to see if I can nail down the boot hangup.

I didn’t say not to try that file, It just might help,