Boot to tty


First of all, congrats for the distro, it’s been pretty nice so far.

Now that’s done, I’ve got a small issue that seems to be shared by quite a few people. However, the origin seems to be slightly different each time, so I decided to create a new thread.

When booting, GRUB and splash boot appears correctly, however it boots directly to tty. (Sometimes a blank screen too)
I assume the problem is with sddm, but I don’t know how to go and find the real issue.
Most problems seems to be due to nvidia video cards, but I only have intel graphics.
Also, the oft-quoted solution seems to be to change sddm to kdm, however it would be nice to find a solution to this, or at least be able to file a bug for upstream.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

PS : I had a couple of small issues right after installing. I don’t know if it’s due to my configuration, or something that can be improved in future releases, but here they are anyway.
-None of the mirrors were correct at start, I had to enter a command to correct them. Seems a bit strange for a newly released distro.
-Sound wasn’t working out of the box with headphones. Just a line to uncomment in a config file, but why isn’t it the default?

The issue is with the black screen/ no xorg starting issue is usually with SDDM in combination with Plymouth actually, only a few rare cases where it was caused by the graphics drivers, and like you said mostly with Nvidia chips. I would need more information about the problem as in chipset, have you updated your system, have you changed your kernel series or are you using the default from the install media, etc. to diagnose this issue.

You could try removing plymouth, replace your sytemd start up script for SDDM with the one I made, or wait for the next update pack that should have a much updated version in the community repository.
Current Versions in the repositories:

Blueshell: sddm-0.1.0+git20140415.d5ad48a-1 (very old git version) Manjaro stable: sddm-0.1.0+git20140511.aac8643-1 (slightly newer git version) Manjaro Testing: sddm-0.9.0+git20141003.ef14018-2 (one revision old git vision) Manjaro Unstable: sddm-0.10.0-2 (current released version from SDDM)

The mirrors should have been fine, well unless you mean the “pacman-mirrors -g” command which is used to ping the servers and rearranges them in order of speed?

The pulse audio config port switching issue is from upstream Manjaro/Arch.