Booting but in a bad way

Hi Everyone,
I was able to get Netrunner installed. Here is my problem. I installed netrunner to my second hard disk drive. I didn’t unplug my main hard drive, running windows 8, when I did the install. Now I cannot boot my windows 8 drive without the second drive installed. This would not be a problem BUT my G15 keyboard doesn’t get power until the OS selection screen is already passed. I am forced to boot into netrunner linux all the time. I was able to use my son’s keyboard to get into windows so it can be done. He doesn’t want me keeping his keyboard.

How do I get windows 8 to boot again? Unplugging the second hard drive didn’t work. I am going to erase my second hard drive and install netrunner into a VM inside of windows 8.

I guess you need a keyboard that is able to work when in BIOS or Grub to choose the OS.
The only other option would be reinstalling Netrunner and explicitely choosing to install the grub bootloader to the harddriver on which netrunner sits.
Then reinstalling the windows bootloader on your windows harddrive. (Use the windows dvd to restore the windows bootloader in mbr)
This would then allow to use the bios to choose from which harddrive to boot.

There is a program for windows called EasyBCD. Download it and follow the instructions on the site for use. It is compatible with win8’s uefi. It is one of the best bootloader tools I have ever found for dualbooting windows/linux or windows/windows without crashing windows mbr.