Booting error

Hello, the following line appears on my screen: /dev/sdb3: clean, 225037/410400 files, 1541161/1638400 blocks. I have selected the normal booting the OS, also advanced and the same line appears, at this stage the OS is not booting and it remains with this screen on it.

What display drivers did you have installed, free or non-free.

Can you edit grub on startup and remove quiet splash from the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT= line then continue booting to see what the actual error is?

AjSlye please help me, i have formated the rolling partition, i’m writing now frum usb live, and i have runned install netrunner 14.1 LTS but after the installation it’s finished when it’s installing grub on dev/sda2 it says fatal error installing grub and if i reboot it enters in grub2-rescue what should i do ? Thank you PS: I’m trying to install frontier on my SSD

Where your installing frontier doesn’t really mater, what drive is your boot drive, and is this the only Linux OS going onto the system?
The main drives MBR is where you would want to put grub2 from the Netrunner Installation and not the partition it’s installed to. This is unless you have more than one Linux installation and your using it to control the boot loader on /dev/sda.

/dev/sdb1 ext4 107.8 GiB
/rofs squashfs 1.4 GiB 0.0 KiB
1.4 GiB
Others ntfs 58.6 GiB
Stuff ntfs 174.3 GiB
NETRUNNER14 vfat 3.7 GiB 2.3 GiB

The SSD have the Linux, the Others and Stuffs that are ntfs are under Windows. atm i don’t have Windows installed in my PC and i’m running netrunner from the usb. The /dev/sdb1, rofs are the partitions where netrunner it’s installed, at this stage if i reboot and i try to boot from the SSD it appears a grub2 window where i most enter the commands to boot it, i typed boot and it say’s that i most select kernel first. I have installed and runned gpart repair from ubuntu and this is the link with the log.

I have a problem with booting too. Ive installed netrunner rolling a few days ago, and it was working fine. But now I did a full system update and it doesnt boot anymore.
Actually the boot sequence starts, a few lines with some errors appear ( I`ve attached a picture [attachment=592]), and then nothing.
It stays like that.
What should I do? I really like this OS, is there a way to bring it back to life?

That seems to be a completely other problem as its not a bootloader issue but a boot problem.
I would advice you to open a new thread for this.

In general it might be a Xorg problem and I would suggest booting in safe mode. But when there isn’t a login prompt even then it looks somehow bad.

If it’s just hanging there boot up in safe mode and give us the output of this command:

sudo journalctl -b -p err

I’m not sure why zramswap failed to load unless it needs to be updated for the latest patches to the manjaro kernels, or to work with the latest update to systemd. Manjaro no longer offers zram or zramswap in their repositories, they have been replaced with these two systemd based utilities:
systemd-swap - Script for creating hybrid swap space from zram swaps, swap files and swap partitions.
zramctl - Tool to control zram devices

The zram and zramswap packages are now only available in the AUR for use with SystemV, OpenRC and other Init systems.

Ok, I`ll try that, but first how do I boot into safe mode?

When grub comes up there should be at least two entries, one for normal start up and one for either safe mode or on that gives a second list that would contain safe mode or safe graphics mode something along those lines, I’m not familiar with how grub is set up on the Netrunner Standard (Kubuntu) version.

Besides the output of the command in my previous post, could you also include the output of this:

sudo systemctl status zramswap.service