booting issues ¡help!

I have installed netrunner-rolling-2015.09-64bit in my SSD hard drive, in one partition / BTRFS, When boot up, the grub appears with a countdown for enter to Netrunner, Why not start NetRunner directly, if no other operating system?..

After finishing the counting, shows the following error:
Error: sparse file not allowed
Loading Linux 4.1.12-1-MANJARO x64 …
Loading initial ramdisk …
Press any key to continue …_

As far as I know BTRFS isn’t supported for /boot by grub 2.

This may be helpful:

In general Btrfs is supported by grub2 when it comes to booting.

This may be of some use as well:

came not from the LogIn window. Without error message the password was simply deleted? Wanted to switch to console, but could not find the icon / menu. There are only restart or power. How is it possible to boot from the console 1 and possibly with startx then start Plasma?


On Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro), sddm and xorg are run on tty1 by default, you should be able to use ctrl+alt+f2 through f6 to get the other tty’s.

I mean tty1 start in log in screen fault! There is no button.

If Netrunner Rolling (Manjaro) is booted ok i can try to be able desktop 1-6