Broken theme and missing iBus icon

2 questions:

  1. I assiged the same home folder from the previous distro (pclinuxos) for Netrunner. I found out that the theme and system sound were different than the preinstalled with Netrunner, the one I saw in usb live. Does the system use the settings from the previous distro? How to revert to the preinstalled theme by 1-click? I mean not by changing the theme step by step…

  2. Any idea how to show the iBus icon in the task bar (system tray). I did selected the option in the iBus settings but still doesn’t work. I also install ibus-gtk but also no luck? Please help.


In your case its getting the old settings from the hidden .kde folder in your home directory. If there is nothing important saved deleting it (from live usb or other desktop otherwise it would just dump the current running config) would recreate the Netrunner settings on next login.

Did you try showing all icons (the little up arrow besides the clock). Maybe it is just hiding by default. You can right click on this up arrow and go to settings -> entries where you can choose to show the icon to be visible always.

Hi. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I’ve tried to click the little arrow icon but no luck. It is really weired 'cos in both KDE distro of PCLINUXOS and Mageia 3, there is no issue with iBus or other IME system icon (see attached). Can any developer have a look at the issue?