Brother HL-3070CW install problem

This makes no sense. I installed our Brother HL-3070CW on my Netrunner AMD quad core desktop without issues.

Trying to install it on my i5 Thinkpad fails. The searching for drivers dialog pops up a red bar saying “no reponse” shortly after a download driver dialog pops up lising my printer, but clicking “apply” nothing else happens.

I updated both systems today with sudo pacman -Syu

But there were updates after I installed the printer on the deskop and trying to do in the notebook so I’ve no idea what may hwve gotten out of sync.

I’m at a total loss.

On the Desktop there is a Settings->Print Setting item, and running it the properties on the printer shows:

Device URI: socket://
Make and Model: Brother HL-3070CW BR-Script3

I can’t get anything like this to pop up on the notebook.

Do you have standard or rolling edition on the Desktop computer?
Do you have standard or rolling edition on the notebook?
Is this is a cups shared printer, samba shared printer, hooked to a print server, or connected to your router via wifi?

Note: Sharing a printer from a Linux computer via cups doesn’t require samba.

Both systems are Netrunner rolling installed from the same DVD iso, 64-bit 15.09

The printer uses the “jet direct” network port 9100 network connection over wifi on both Windows and Linux (has been in use since 2010) and is not shared from any computer.

I’m open to ideas.

It might be a Wireless or LAN driver, network setting or router issue?
What are the network adapters (chips) in both systems.