Cannot access storage on runners-id


I created an account on runners-id which seems to work, but when I click storage it asks for my username and password again. It never accepts what I enter. Any advice please?

After a click on the Runners-ID Icon there is a possibility to reset or recover your password. Try this. Maybe after this you’re able to login. Once I had a Problem to login with my username, but it worked as I used my email adress instead.
Good luck!

Thank you. Just to be clear, I can log into the website itself, but when I click storage I’m asked for my username and password again. That can’t be right.

To make matters worse, I’m now getting a big “failed to retrieve data” across the top of the screen whenever I click anything now. The website seems a bit broken to be honest…

Can you logout and then login again in the website?
It seems like a cookie might still be stored with a former login session.

Hi every body,:
I have a similar problème with runnerid access.
I can acces without probleme to runner id by web navigator but it’s impossible to acces by dolphin even when a use webaccounts.
Each time ask me for password the same i use for web interface.
Enybody have a idéa to resolve…:rolleyes:

I still can’t get in AT ALL. Password reset fails, my username shows it is indeed taken, and GMail does NOT have the confirmation in any folder anywhere.

Please help?

What’s your runners-id username?