Cannot get Japanese input working [SOLVED]

Unlike in most Ubuntu derivatives, I haven’t been able to get ibus working with Japanese input in Netrunner Enigma.

I went to Account Details -> Country/Region & Language and installed American English and Japanese languages.

I then installed the ibus-mozc package and its dependencies (including ibus-qt4) and then tried running ibus. This failed, so I tried running the Keyboard Input Methods program. It ran the first time, but then would not allow me to change the IME even though I had ibus installed.

I tried removing the languages and reinstalling them again to no effect.

After that I tried using the Input Method program and setting it to Ibus, but again this had no effect.

I’m really stuck and could use some help getting Japanese input working, as it is vital to my work and I don’t want to uninstall Netrunner over it. I’m fine with using the CLI if anyone can provide me the necessary commands. Thanks in advance for the help.

I managed to “fix” this problem myself after a lot of searching on Google. Because of a bug in Ibus on KDE the IMEs can only be selected in the Ibus config program through using the up and down keys on the keyboard. (So when you choose to select a custom IME use the down key to get to Anthy or Mozc).

EDIT: I also had to install im-switch then run

im-switch -s ibus

In the terminal, then restart the computer for it to work properly in all programs (A simple logout won’t work). Otherwise it will not work in Firefox, LibreOffice, and other programs.

Just giving an update for how to get Japanese input with ibus working in 13.12. The method I listed above does not work for some reason in the new release because the version of im-switch in the repositories does not have ibus config files included so im-switch -s ibus only produces an error. Instead of im-switch, install im-config (After installing ibus and whatever input engine you want to use such as ibus-mozc), then run

im-config -n ibus

in the terminal, restart the computer, and you should have working Ibus that will launch on startup and work in GTK applications.