cannot interact with my interface

I just finished installing Netrunner, but I have a problem: When I click on buttons sometimes nothing happens (e.g. when I open Firefox I can do allmost nothing, first I have to right-click the firefox tile in the bottom panel and maximise the window- only then I am able to click the new tab ("+") button or any link in the current webpage)
Right now as I am typing I cannot click any of the bottom pannel buttons (“run”, “settings”, “dolphin”, “Firefox”, “terminal” etc.) :huh:
I think that when I have a “window” in focus I cannot interact with anything else.

I have not installed any drivers yet. I have a feeling that this might be the problem.
Anyone has an idea what might be causing that?

thank you :angel:


PS: Is there any program that can scan for missing drivers? It might be useful in my case

A Hardware driver manager is on board which allows you to install proprietary drivers.
As for the issue I never encountered it before. Are you sure that desktop effects are turned off (You can hit Shift+ALT+F12 to trigger on/off of desktop effects)