can't burn to USB or DVD

Hello there,

Im new to this Forum and to netrunner, I had Archlinux before, and wanted to try the rolling release of netrunner, but whether I burn it on a DVD or USB I always get sector errors at lng-image.sqfs.

the image still boots up, but If I check “start netrunner” I get many sector and EOF errors.

tried normal download from server and torrent download, checked the hash sums as well, am I doing anything wrong? burnt it to DVD with Imgburn and to USB via windows imagewriter and unetbootin.

thanks for any help >.<

PS: I don’t have UEFI enabled

Arch/Manjaro don’t work well with unetbootin, never tried imagewriter for windows, the easiest way is to use dd, you need something that puts the dvd image directly on the USB, not one that extracts it, it needs to look like a USB DVD disk to the system not a hard drive. Manjaro does often not work on physical DVD disks…

Oh okay I didn’t knew that, in the installation guide it even said unetbootin or windows imager. then I’am going to try a Live cd and burn via dd, thank you, I will post if it worked or not later on.

bensh: It should work with unetbootin, tested here and had no problems.
What version are you using (32 or 64)?
Also try a different usb stick/brand, it is really true that some sticks are not even showing start-options on macbooks while others are fine.

hi :slight_smile:

I’m using 64bit, and the stick boots ubuntu and other distro’s just fine. I had no time to test it again yesterday, so I will do it now and then post the results.

So at the moment it looks like I have no blanks as a live cd to burn, and I only have one stick for the Netrunner os is, so I can not use this one for the live cd.

i tried dd for windows but it crashes with the known error message “dd.exe needs to close” .

unetbootin and other programs still give sectors and other error’s when I try to copy the 64bit version on the stick. maybe I’ll try again later with the 32bit version.

Unetbootin is one option, but imagewriter (SUSE’s image writer) or isousb (Manjaro community contribution) might do a better job.

I always use opensuse imagewriter for manjaro installs.