Can't choose to install manjaro besides the existing OSs

Hello, friends.

When I run the installation program after I booted manjaro via USB, I cannot choose then to install manjaro besides the other two which are already installed. The only options shown me is to erase the hard disc completely before or to “organize the partition and the way of installation”
So why can’t I install manjaro besides the other OSs which are Lubuntu and Windows 7 Pro?
Btw, I have an (quite old) Samsung NC10 netbook with Intel Atom processor.

I’d be glad if you could help me.

First of all this is a Netrunner support forum. If you need help with Manjaro I guess the manjaro forums are more appropiate as we ship a modified installer in Netrunner Rolling that might do things differently in some cases.

As for the option not to be able to install alongside it might be a limitation due to the 4 primary partitons you may have on one harddrive. It might be also an limitation of available space.
In this case it might worth checking out manually partitioning. It should allow you to resize partitions and create new space for new ones. But keep in mind the 4 primary partition limit. If you want to create an extended partition also notice that its initial partition tree is also treated as one primary partition. So basically what you can create or have is 3 primary partitions and 1 extended partition root tree which has several extended partitions underneath it.

I hope that explaination helps you.

You need to choose advanced or manual partitioning. I can’t remember what it says.
If you have free space on your drive, then you can make 2 logical partitions, one for / and one for /home.
You can share the swap partiton between distros.
You can’t do this unless you have free space on the drive.
I installed the rolling release along with 2 other Linux distros and Windows.
Windows is installed in a primary and I make an extended partition for the rest of the drive and break that up in 2 logical partitions for my Linux distros’
If you are unfamilar with parttioning, get some help as you can wipe out, what you have installed.