Can't login

Hi everyone,

After a couple update packs I couldn’t login my desktop. I have the login screen. I input the login name and password and hit enter. Afterwards the screen goes black shows me the last lines of the startup script and goes back to login screen as reset. It shows no error messages. Although I could login a few times after a several times trying. But now there is no way to login. I also could login via terminal screens. Anybody knows about this bug?


Probably something wrong with permissions or configuration files.
First of all check if you want to login to the correct session.
Can you perhaps also try a failsafe mode as session ?

If you can login via terminal try to save the ~/.xsession-errors file as it might contain errors that could lead us to identifying this problem.

edit: Also are you aware of this problem ? If you have the same graphicscard or similiar maybe it is caused by this:

This is a known issue:

To fix this run the following command:

kdesu kate /etc/X11/mhwd.d/intel.conf

Change this line from Option “DRI” “true” to Option “DRI” “3”.
Save and exit.

The modeset workaround will only work for hybrid GPU setups (bumblebee).

Thank you AJSlye :slight_smile:

That worked perfectly fine.