can't update (Solved)

This morning 91 updates was there for me to install. Everything went well untill I get this message: sddm: /etc/sddm.conf exist in filesystem.
And that stop the installation of the updates.

What should I do to get it work?

did you installed sddm-git from AUR?
If not, please try these commands:

sudo pacman -Syy sudo pacman -S sddm --force sudo pacman -Su

gericom, thanks for your help, the 3 last commands fix the problem. Problem solved.

Great, glad that helped. Please put [SOLVED] in the title.

Using the --force modifier here will cause the sddm.conf file to be overwritten and you will loose the Netrunner SDDM theme.
To correct this, you will need to go into System Settings > Startup and Shutdown > Login Screen (SDDM) and change this back to Netrunner.

This issue was caused by a change in the SDDM package coming from upstream.

I’m adding the corrected version of the SDDM package from Arch to our Netrunner repositories.

Please use the following command to downgrade SDDM to this package, if you already updated this package.

sudo pacman -Syuu

Then Re-install the netrunner-rooling-default-settings package to restore the Netrunner sddm.conf file.

sudo pacman -S netrunner-rolling-default-settings

Note: If you did not already update your system, then this issue does not apply to you and update will proceed as usual.

had the same problem and this thread was real helpful…thank you

Can I suggest you to make it 1 release version higher than manjaro’s one :wink:
Instead 0.13.0-2 (manjaro’s version is 0.13.0-2.3) to repackage it as 0.13.0-3, to be a little bit not confusing for the newcommers when they see the red icon in octopi saying that they had outdated version installed.

Thanks gericom for pointing that out.
This is why our repository is before Manjaro’s, to prevent updating of our modified packages by upstream.
This however doesn’t solve the issue if their package eventually gets a revision number above ours again. Also, this package should hopefully only be temporary until this issue is fixed upstream. :wink:

That’s why we are community - helping each other :slight_smile: