Can't update

Hi, I have had manjaro before but the last update broke my system. I then installed Netrunner Rolling 25.11 64bit and all was welll. But today I have 257 packages to update, but thats the problem, something is wrong with the download links from repo. It says error with url 404
I go with the stable repos.

Did you refresh the packagelist e.g. executed sudo pacman -Syu ?

yes I always do that

This will insure the package cache is up to date regardless of the mirrors reported status:

sudo pacman -Syyu

You can also check here for the status of the mirror closest to you:

Maybe the mirror you use was not updated completely or is out of date.
Can you run

sudo pacman-mirrors -g to update and rerank the mirrors.
Does it work after that?

I will first try AJSlys code
and leszek, I always do sudo pacman-mirors -g -b stable first and then sudo pacman -Syu

With sudo pacman -Syyu I got nothing to update, so maybee this code was the right thing to do.
Thanks for your help!