Change SDDM Background

How can the background image, the “King of Kings,” be changed at the login prompt?
It’s the graphic for the display manager, sddm, I think.

Under Startup And Shutdown > Login Screen (SDDM) in System Settings, click on the theme you want to use and under the right side window you can change the background.

Thank you, AJSlye.

I can see the configuration options. It’s just that these options do not work.
I can choose the option to clear the image, and this works; but,
it doesn’t load an alternate image that I specify - PNGs or JPGs.

I see a similar issue when trying to change the splash screen.
I can select a different theme, but it stays the same.

The same issue when trying to change the user “face:”
I can select a face, but it does not apply to the SDDM login screen.

KDE remembers these options, but SDDM does not apply them.

Is there information I can provide to help discover what might be wrong?

I have been a 100% console user since 93, and I am just now trying
something GUI like KDE on Linux. Netrunner really does live up to the hype
that I have heard about it. NVidia drivers are working (in the console and X),
movies and videos work, sound works, and even some games via Steam.
I am astounded to find only these few little issues to have to work out.
Thanks for any ideas. I am very new to graphical Linux.

For the face icon issue, running these two commands in your home directory should fix this:

chmod o+x ~/ chmod o+r ~/.face.icon

As far as the background image issue, this works on all of my machines.
However, I’m using the rolling edition (Manjaro), so this could just be an issue with the standard edition (Kubuntu).

Are you able to change the sddm theme and then change the background ?
As for the splash. The .config/ksplashrc file should be writeable and contain the correct splash configuration you choose in systemsettings. Can you confirm that.

Guys, thanks! My home directory permissions were [font=Courier New]0700[/font], and changing to [font=Courier New]0701[/font] revealed the problem.

The cause is that I had executed [font=Courier New]find ~ -type d -exec chmod 0700 {} + && find ~ -type f -exec chmod 0600 {} + [/font]after having restored files from an NTFS-formatted backup disk. I ended up realizing [font=Courier New]0755[/font] was alright on this system.

The face icon had permissions [font=Courier New]0664[/font]. I am guessing that changing the face icon through KDE after restoring the files caused this, because the umask was set to [font=Courier New]002[/font] by default for some weird reason. I set that back to [font=Courier New]022[/font]. The file, [font=Courier New]~/.config/ksplashrc[/font] has permissions, [font=Courier New]0600[/font], I suppose from the find command I used after restoration.

It all makes sense now. Thanks again!