cheese freezing issue

Anyone other than me having issues with cheese freezing on them?

Runs fine here… any error when starting cheese from console?

Nope as soon as I hit effects it puts the words up but no picture and freezes, I have to click close and wait for the timeout to get it to close, other hitting record or moving the window around will cause it to freeze. Here is a screen shot of it:

I’m nit too worried about it anymore, I installed kamoso from the AUR since it was patched to run without requiring nepomuk.

I have just the opposite problem. Cheese works without issue. Kamaso wont even load.

Kamaso in the blueshell repository is broken, you need to use the package from AUR.

I will give that a try and report back as to the outcome. Thank you for your input

After reading the warnings posted about kamaso i decided to just stick with Cheese. Currently it works without issue and i`m happy. Thanks to all.

What warnings?