Clicking links makes firefox open a new window


When clicking links in for example Thunderbird or LibreOffice I allways get a new Firefox instance/window.
I would like it to open the link in a new tab in my already running Firefox intance or if no FF is running fire it up.

This was the default behaviour in Ubuntu, but I am trying to switch to Netrunner since it seems really really nice.
So far i spent 2 hours trying to fix this.

Finally solved it.
Open Firefox and type about:config [ENTER]
It might issue a warning, but just say yes to “be carefull”.

Search/locate the setting:

Set this value to -1 and restart Firefox.


Hi Martin,
thanks for investigating, we can make this default in next Netrunner.

Just installed Netrunner 13.06, which is great by the way.
This setting seems to have not changed tough. So anybody who does not like this behaviour has to do as decribed here still.


Hi Martin
I’m just curious, but do you go to Firefox, edit, then prefernces, tab and check "open new windows in a tab instead.
I always, set it up that way and have never had a problems in Kubuntu or Netrunner.
You found a fix and that’s the good part.