Clock problems

I have a quad boot system and I can’t find where to stop Netrunner from changing my hardware clock. Every time I boot into one of my , sorry guys, windows os Netrunner has changed my clock. Any help here will be appreciated.:huh:

I have installed linux on many pc’s and the only time I have seen any linux distro change the time is always when you are running a live disk. I have learned to ignore it until I get a distro installed. But after installation, it has always worked right, for me.

That’s funny, because it’s always been the opposite for me, I’ve always had the problem after the install. I learned to set up local time when installing and in some distros this works, but not usually in the distros derived from Ubuntu. But there is usually some one who can let me know how to fix the problem. Still hoping some one in here will be able to help.

IIRC, Windows sets the hardware clock to local time, whereas Linux sets it to UTC. This might explain how things go worng after using Windows. A solution would be to install NTP, which will set the system clock soon after boot to the correct time.
Try the manpage for hwclock(8) for more info.

:huh: I thank you for the info and I did go into the man pages but I’m not that experienced at this and although there was a lot of info there I don’t know how to use it. I know dealing with newbies can be a pain. I’ve come a long way, believe it or not, over time but realize that I still have a long way to go. When I set up this OS I asked it to set time as local and not utc. This seems to work well with some other distros, Mandriva and Mageia2. Would you be so kind as to tell me step by step how to implement getting the system to set it’s time by the hardware clock which is set by local time please. It would be much appreciated.

  1. Go into your menu
  2. cursor over System
  3. Scroll down to Synaptic
  4. click it!
  5. now enter your root password
  6. Once synaptic is fully loaded, do a search for NTP
  7. When it comes up, click on the little square box to the left
  8. Select Mark For Installation
  9. Click on Apply in synaptic
  10. then wait for it to download and install

You now have NTP installed

Then i guess you will have to take it from there.

Well, first off I want to thank you Kimico for all your help, but I did exactly what you said in Netrunner and it won’t let me change to the ntp servers in the time date section of system, at least not in the GUI. But I was able to change it in Win 7 and now it keeps the right time in both of those OS’s anyway. Actually I really didn’t care how to fix the problem, just wanted it fixed. Don’t like having to adjust the time every time I use a different system. Using it in winders is probably the best way in the first place as it seems to be the only OS with the problem, no surprise there though.
I’m really liking Netrunner more and more. Thanks again people for your help, you have a great forum here.

There is a good reason why I never set my systems time to hardware clock.
I have had both Windows and Linux cough up blood on me because of that.