Cloning Netrunner's packeges (and system) to a new computer - how?

So the task is like this:

  1. I have an old computer with Netrunner 14.06 LTS.
  2. I’m getting a new clean computer.
  3. I want to have a system on the new computer to have the same software installed as the old computer.

Some instructions can be found, but for Ubuntu, i.g:

To what extent the aforementioned instruction applies to Netrunner? I remember that Netrunner has a bit different package list arrangement. Not a single file like Ubuntu, but bunch of them in /etc/apt/preferences.d directory, right? Might that be an issue?

What if the hardware is not identical? E.g. different graphic card.

Any tips?


The easiest thing would be using the old harddrive / ssd on the new computer. Then you don’t really need to copy anything over. That should work fine and only a few steps are necessary if you have proprietary graphic drivers installed (e.g. removing them before placing hd into new computer).
If your new computer has a bigger harddrive or you just want to basically copy over the whole system from the netrunner partition to a new partition on the new harddrive this would be also possible and avoids reinstalling Netrunner and then reinstalling all the apps.
Don’t forget to uninstall the proprietary graphic drivers before copying.

To copy over just create a new linux partition on the new harddrive and copy over your files from the old hardware.
The best would be to do this on a live environment (do not use the installed system to copy over stuff).
The usage of the command cp -a /path/to/old/hd /path/to/new/hd then would copy over everything from the old hd to the new one.
Of course both harddrives need to be build into the new pc. If its a new laptop then you might need an SATA to USB Connector for connecting the old harddrive to the new pc or vice versa connecting new harddrive on old pc.

If you still want to make it differently like reinstalling and getting the same packages as before here are some comments to the linked guide
Clone Process:
Step 1. Correct nothing to add
Step 2. There are some sources.list files also in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ Folder. So basically don’t forget to copy them over.
If you didn’t add any additional sources then this step is not necessary as Netrunner includes them already :slight_smile:
Step 3. Also only relevant if additional sources were added

The Install Guideline is ok Just don’t forget to restore the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* files.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

I’m going to sum my answer to this up in one application title, clonezilla.

Just make sure you remove any proprietary drivers from the system and reboot it prior to cloning the drive.

Thanks for your tips! The new computer has a lot of hardware improvements, so I decided to install stuff manually in the end, copying only apps’ set-ups and some of the content of the .config directory.