Confronting LAS on more KDE and Other DE's.

Yep was surprised when I watched my Linux Action Show 361 at the 1:10:40 mark when they read my questions to them.

As been a bummer to me always seeing and hearing about Gnome or Mate all the time. With nothing or nil about other including KDE which has hit major milestones over last few months.


Oh, that was you :smiley:
I have just posted on their reddit a Distro pick for NetRunner.

But i guess, Chris would love to use KDE, if only there wouldn’t be the nasty audio problems he always ran into.

Yep I remember that and yep one of the weak areas KDE’s sound system is a mess.

Yep posted in show thread to acknowledge them about reading it.

[quote]Thanks for reading my email on air. And totally get the reporting on “What I Am Passionate About” stance. But what had me scratching my head Was during the release of KDE Plasma 5.2 Major Stories everywhere never heard about it here. Instead we got that Mate got colored folders. Or more about Gnome. All the surveys I’ve have seen show KDE user base up there equal if not a tad bit more than Gnome. So since no KDE no news for a large chunk of Linux users that equal the numbers of Gnome users.

I don’t think News Reporters or News Casters just report the news they are passionate about. But the news that is happening and effect a large part of the population. And news that impacts a large percentage of listeners irrelevant of their personal take on it.

Great show about getting Angela to give Linux a try and hope she is willing to change and adapt. As she will become a more responsible and empowered user in the Internet world. And take back her personal rights,options and control over her system and a big part of her personal life.

But I was seeing resistance in her gesture and facial expressions that came across as resistance to change. And have a pessimistic feeling that she will be going back to mac sooner than later. Hope I’m wrong. Maybe some extensive hand holding and walking her through everything and answering her questions will be enough to push Up & Over the hill with smooth sailing after.

Again thanks for the great show and will continue to watch to see what is next.[/quote]

Trying to keep it positive and civil. Tho does rankle my feathers on a regular basis.


Yep saw your post there about Netrunnner. And welcome hope you find it fulfills all your needs.


I’ll have to go back and watch the recorded episode now, i must have been doing something when they read it, :slight_smile:
I’m usually watching live and in the chat room for LAS.

Yep have the link above starts at 1:10:40

Chris seemed a bit dismissive to your concerns, when it was him and Brian, and to some degree Mat, they did talk more about other DE, seems to me that lately they talk about gnome way too much. I like gnome and it does have some good features, but it’s not for me.

On a side note, I have NEVER had audio issues in KDE or even Plasma, most issue user have is usually the way in which the distribution chosen has set up Pulse Audio by default and not Phonon itself. I can usually fix them by removing the # from or adding a line to the /etc/pulse/ file.

Yep little in audio issues for me. More about Chris needs in using in production and more advance use case scenarios.

And yep came across a bit dismissive to me also. Why I reiterated my stance in the reddit thread at the bottom.

But will take more than just me chiming in. As usually I get dinged negative if I say anything negative against the show or content. Going to take many KDE users chiming in with their wishes and desires for show content.

You know what works great for multimedia production use cases, Jack Audio Connection Kit, it makes me wonder why anyone would try and use Pulse Audio on a multimedia production rig.

PS. There are many Jack Audio applications and utilities available for QT that integrate nicely with KDE / Plasma. :slight_smile:

Yep don’t think Chris spend enough time researching solutions. Just tweaking default setups and failing.


And as far as pulse audio under KDE SC 4 is concerned, why not just use Veromix?

This nice mixer replacement gives you access to all those advanced features of Pulse, with a few more added in like swh-plugins (EQ and effects).

In general I don’t think LAS is doing something wrong here.
They just use a different desktop environment by themselves that’s the reason they keep talking about it more often.
But usually LAS tests out a new Plasma or KDE SC version when it comes out or is shipped with a new distribution release.
For Plasma 5 they seem to wait for the Kubuntu or next Fedora or whatever release to take a look at it.

So generally I don’t see a problem with the current topics on the show.
As I also do a podcast and I am a KDE user it’s naturally that I stick more with it and the software around it and only really test out Gnome or other desktop environments when they come out with a new release (though I tend to ignore cinnamon completely aswell as mate and mostly only focus on gnome shell and e19, because they are more interesting to me)

Sorry disagree here on points of intention. If I called my show “The world of Trucks” show then only reported on how my Dodge truck handling is fabulous and only talked about dodge accessories all the time. Then I would think the viewer base may feel (rightly so) mislead and would complaint why there isn’t more talk about other brands and models of trucks. In lieu of of not just Trucks but other news that affect how I use my truck would also be welcome. Like more general accessories that could be applied to all trucks.

As would challenge the percentages of greater desktop user numbers compared to IT users. I don’t need to know how to setup a server,droplet or container over and over again. That is more Geek stuff. There are many more just Desktop Application users using Linux. Applications news like new versions or new programs that cover Browsers,Music File management or Image editing. Other lesser known programs like I just learned about dupeGuru for handling file dupes in the Linux sub-reddit. Comparisons of Applications that do the same kind of things or new features in applications. I would find more helpful. Than another piece about setting up a server (Again!).

Might just be me? And missing the point? But seems the geeky crowd is missing the fact that most Linux desktop users nowadays out there it’s about just using applications and desktops. And less about Terminal command powers and tweaking & writing config files. But then again the general user are also not the ones here in this and other forums ironing out and testing making for a stable and smooth Linux Desktop experience.

But if all the Linux shows and podcasts stay under the hood geeky. Then that doesn’t bode well for growth and penetration of Linux on the desktop and making it to more mainstream numbers.

Might be I’m just missing it all together and what Linux future and direction is about?

I completely agree, you should then change the name of your show to “The World of Dodge Trucks”, LOL. :wink:

Yes, I could also care less about setting up a server, using containers and I don’t need a droplet any time soon, if ever. However, the last one is an advertisement for a sponsor, so it can be overlooked a bit. I care more about about imaging and audio editors, web browsers, Email client’s, games, music and video players, etc.

IMHO, The more geeky these shows are, the less appealing they make Linux look to the average computer user.

Yep that was my point. As my perception over last couple of years as more and more average users flock to Linux. Then the geeks are going to have to tone down and shift the emphasis more to desktop apps,games,etc…

Actually using and reviewing of Apps then always talking scripts,tweaking and configing and memorizing more arcane terminal commands and flags. Sharing that info is critical for the hardcore that test and use bare metal linux systems. But growing is the average desktop user base. And that needs to be address more in shows like these.

They have Coder,Unplugged,BSD Now,etc… shows. Why do they All need to be aimed at the geeks? I’m a geek and was a computer & electronics tech for over 3 decades. I love DIY projects and pulling out the soldering iron. But for me Desktop OS use is about Apps. For the DIY crowd how about reviews of CAD programs or Blender,Kdenlive,Lightworks,darktable,etc…etc… There are a slew of Technical & Science programs that are hardly mentioned. How about Scribus or Inkscape,Krita or Business software?

Like I said it doesn’t always need to be about setting up servers,cloud,IT infrastructure kind of subjects they usually cover all the time.


Thank you for at least trying to get Chris to see things outside his little world. While I listen to LAS, Since Matt is gone, I really don’t like the direction of the show. I am so tired of hearing about Arch, Ubuntu, gnome. There are many distros, but what I’m starting to see, Is Chris really doesn’t have the tech skills to properly troubleshoot a problem. He is more of a programmer, Than a tech.

To me, if you can’t resolve issues in Linux, Then I really have a hard time with you calling yourself a linux guru. I understand those who are basic Users and don’t want to get into the meat and potatoes of Linux. But if you are going to be on a podcast and present yourself as a spokesperson for Linux and act like you know so much about it, Why can’t you get your sound to work, Or fix BTFS errors, especially if you say it’s the best thing out there?

I guess the real issue with me is, if you are going to be a journalist, then keep your personal preferences out of the story and do stories about ALL of linux and not just your little favs. This shows me that he only focuses on the products that their sponsors tell them to focus on.

Netrunner so far has been great, KDE is my favorite DE, but being a tech of over 20yrs, I have tried and used gnome,xfce,elightment,cinnamon and mate, I have also used slackware, debian, Suse, Opensuse,Redhat,fedora,mint,SolydXK and a whole host of others. Some I could get to work, and some I just didn’t have enough knowledge or patience to get it to work, but at least I tried.

I don’t mean to be offensive or mean toward LAS, But I’m starting to not like Chris very much because he is very opinionated and always seems to make excuses for Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth even though it is clear they are very proprietary and they really don’t have linux at the forfront of there business. The issue with Jonathan Riddell is a perfect example of that. Popey who is always on the show, has a true hatred for KDE and states he can’t figure out how to use it properly, that it’s too hard for him. For someone who calls himself a developer and can’t figure out a DE, Scare the crap out of me, and maybe he should rethink his line of work.

Well enough of my soapbox, It’s been great talking to you Orb, hope to speak with you more often. Do you still drop by SolydXK, they seem to be improving all the time and having fun doing it!

Jonathan :smiley:

I check in to SolydXK from time to time to see how it’s faring. As was where I moved from to Netrunner due to needs of later kernels and later closer to bleeding edge app versions like Krita and Gimp to support my Huion H610 tablet. Otherwise would been happy SolydXK user.

Yep that what had troubled me with them asking for Pantheon donations to support the show. And had me scratching my head. You want me to donate money to a Linux Action Show then see my monies spent on broadcasting your personal fav’s, preferences & opinions which only cover a small focus of his small view with blinders of the Linux world. That’s Ok still if it’s a small portion of the show. BUT NOT the whole show!

I still download LAS & Unplugged and watch & listen the following mornings while waking up to coffee. But doesn’t have my undivided attention anymore. And there are not a lot of Linux shows out there to choose from.

And all the one’s I see are mostly for the IT or Programmer types. Which doesn’t interest me anymore. As main concern is getting works done with my photography for clients,magazines,stock agencies like Getty and other’s for earning some monies with. So don’t have time or desire to deep learn Linux or the terminal.

Right Orbmiser, you know I didn’t mind the show being more about the host’s personal choices and reviews and some news, back when Bryan Lunduke was the co-host and it was at least entertaining. Chris hasn’t had a decent co-host since bryan, they complimented each other perfectly, seriously go back and watch some of the archived LAS shows from about 3 or 4 years ago.