Copy text from notification Plasma 5

Hello Everyone,
Is there any way to copy a part of my notification to the clipboard in Plasma 5?
I am running the latest today 5.5.3-1.1 and if i try to select a part of the notification, it disappears and cannot see it anymore.
It is not possible to scroll down either if the message is too long.

In KDE 4 I could copy a word easily from notification and use it in other apps. It was very handy, I am missing it.

I have to use information sent by text message to my phone and my desktop displays it in a notification via kdeconnect. :slight_smile:

Yes, but you’ll need to remove the notification widget from the panel and turn notifications back on in the system tray.
The notifications widget by itself does not keep the notification history like it does when it is in system tray.

Hmm… also I think the new behavior is for applications to decide if they want to ping a persistant notification or not.
See this thread here:

As for copy and paste it isn’t possible with this new implementation.

I also think this depends on what kind of notifications these are.
For example: The copy / move file dialog remains in the notification history after it is finished, but the notification box itself will disappear, however things like the touch pad being enabled or disabled, the notification box will stay open until you close it, but this does not remain in the notification history.