"Critical temperature" shutdown when on battery

I have tried many different linux distributions on my previous netbook, an LG X140, and have had no problems with them, now I’m using an LG X200, which is basically the same hardware. With this X200, however, many distros (so far I’ve encontered this problem in Fedora, and any Debian, and Ubuntu based distro) shutdown when “ciritcal temperatures” are reached.

But this only happens (or almost only, not sure) when the netbook is running on the battery, and even so, it only happens sometimes, and when it does, it does exclusively in the first few minutes of use (if it doesn't, then it'll run without a problem). Now, for example, it's on batteries and has been on for quite a few hours without a hitch, but when I first booted it today, it shut down twice due to "critical temperature".

Also, this problem does not happen in Windows and the netbook doesn't feel hot to the touch (and when I boot it again the coolers don't spin at full speed, indicating temperatures aren't too high). It seems disabling "Power management" in KDE's battery monitor makes the shutdowns more unlikely, but it's not a reliable fix.

Do you have any ideas what could be causing it? I've found people with similar issues, but not with the peculiarity that it only shuts down when on battery.

Hi luizedu,

I am testing right as we speak with my netbook on battery…
Can you add some Temperature control tool, like the plasmoid and observer whats going on?
Anything special you do before the shutdown?

Computer shutdowns are mostly triggered by the BIOS when it comes to overheating to protect the CPU.
So the it would be really helpfull if you could run a temperature monitoring application to take a look if the temperature is too high right even after you start it.
Also take a look at the running applications. Maybe one application is running beserk and using the whole CPU power.

This sounds like it might be a powermanagement issue.
Could you confirm this by disabling acpi at boot ?
You can do this by adding the parameter acpi=off in the boot menu (Hit e on the Netrunner bootentry and then navigate to the kernel … line append the option and boot with CTRL+F1)

Well, if it really is overheating, then it should make the cooler spin faster, like windows does, (and like linux did in my old netbook), instead of simply shutting down. It’s hard to run top before it shuts down because most of the time it happens as soon as it boots, there’s barely time to run terminal.

I’ve had problems when installing SolydK, a Debian distro. I couldn’t install it because it would always shut down. To fix it, I added acpi=off and it worked, but then I’ve read it also disables coolers and may therefore damage the hardware. Is that correct?

I’m gonna add some such tool then post the results. It usually happens shortly after login, so it may have gotten hot during boot, but I don’t think booting’s such a processor-intensive task that would overheat it.

It will disable the operating system controling the cooling mechanism of the netbook.
So basically the bios then controls fans and so on. So it should not damage anything.
But powermanagement options in the operating system then would not work correctly or at all. (so you’ll see a shortage in battery life and no suspend 2 ram ). Basically the netbook will be treated like a normal desktop computer by the operating system.

Ok, thanks, I’ll give it a try and post back.

I added the acpi=off line at boot but did not see any different behaviour; the battery is acting as it should and I can suspend to ram, but still haven’t seen any shutdowns! Any way to add that line permanently?

It seems it shuts down more often when it’s booted while stil cold (as in, the first time in the day it boots), and that I still haven’t done since I started this thread (today I’ve booted to windows first, then linux).

The core temps do not get very high. After boot it was around 40C, now it’s 31C and the highest I’ve seen it reach as 50C. I’ve once even compiled a kernel (hoping a new one would solve the problem), the cpu got very hot, but it didn’t shut down. I don’t think the problem is CPU usage raising the temperature and causing it to shutdown.

Can you google if the problem is reported elsewhere, maybe yours is similar like here: