Custom Boot Screen

Hi, I’m new here. I like Netrunner so far. It was really easy to chose a splash/boot screen for LinuxMint KDE (what I used last). I’m still new to linux in general.
Does anyone know the easiest way to do this? Can I use a KDE splash screen from kde-look?

if it helps, I’d like to do “Lightning 1.0” (KDE 4.0 splash screen found on kde-look org) for now to get to know the process.

You can get new ksplash themes from the ksplash configuration dialog in systemsettings. There is a get new themes button which allows you to search and download and install themes very easily.

[color=#000080]If you want to “tune” to your taste and choice, here is an explanation for it without messing up your system:[/color]

@Ghermain as far as I understood MalikDepthside his question is about ksplash and not the plymouth bootsplash.
Anyways lets see and wait. Maybe he wants to change both.

I do want to change both, although I did focus my question on the KDE splash, so thats my fault. Thank you both for your help, I will give that guide for boot later on.

I cannot however find “ksplash” in system settings. It’s just not there. could you tell me the best way to remedy this?
At first I face-palmed at your answer thinking, duh, it was right in front of me! XD Then I looked again to no avail.

I didn’t do any kind of custom live ISO or anything, I just installed 13.12 from a DVD I burned from the image provided on the site.
Again, thanks for any help.

If you cannot find it in systemsettings you can always execute it directly with kcmshell4 ksplashthememgr.

Awesome, thanks.

it should be there, have you looked under “Workspace Behaviour”?

I am into games like Chrono-Trigger. Trust me, its not. :stuck_out_tongue:
I located it through Dolphin and made a link elsewhere for future use.
I’ve installed Netrunner OS 13.12 Twice from scratch. It was not there either time,
anywhere in System Settings in ALL of it’s glory.
I’ve only done it on this one laptop, but I’m not sure why it would be hardware related.

The Splash Theme configuration should be listed under “Other” .

Not there, not anywhere. Is there a bug section I should submit this too specifically? I had another one too I put in general regarding Users and Groups

Edit: Software* not general

There is no bug tracker only an issue tracker on github. But there you can only file issues against specific packages.