date netrunner 18 ?

date for the release of Netrunner 18 (Kubuntu 16.04 LTS) ? :huh: (google tranlate) :smiley:

There is no concrete date yet. It will not be based directly on Kubuntu 16.04

Interesting. Will Netrunner use some of the work from Neon? Is it known yet if 18 will use Qt 5.6 or a patched Qt 5.5 yet?


Yes Netrunner will be based on Neon.

is Neon stable enough for LTS?

what exactly is this “neon”-thing?



Neon will be based on LTS. So the core will be stable.
KDE Plasma will be rolling.

Thanks, this is what I have been hoping Netrunner would do. My understanding is that 16.04 will be the base and packages will be Qt5.6.
I think its a great concept to use an LTS *buntu with Plasma being a rolling release. Stable and cutting edge at the same time. Do you know how many years 18 will be supported?

I hope it will also be suitable for those who count on LTS because they don’t want to deal with a lot of updates, just want to have some peace and quiet with the system for some years and no changes…

Is there a way to watch the progress of the new version? Like bugtracker with milestones or so?
Just as a silent watcher i mean :wink:

Then again I understand that you might not want to set a date - its done when its done.
But just asking. Really looking forward to the new version - like spacepenguin I am an LTS fan.

We have a first build ready that we are currently testing.
No bug tracker entries or something like that yet