Dead keys stop working fine in KDE apps after navigating through menu bar

Hello everyone.

I’m using Kubuntu, Netrunner not :blush:, but since Bluesystems is sponsor of KDE, I take the liberty of commenting here a problem that I (and you) have and that I suppose your may be interested.

I have reporting a bug on launchpad and KDE which I consider very annoying and interests bad for KDE (causes a bad impression).

It seems that ignoring me. :-/ managers of Netrunner may have more luck.

Steps to Reproduce: (e.g. Netrunner in English with English (US, international with dead keys) keyboard layout)

1- Open Kate editor
2- write something to check that dead keys work
3- Press alt+F (to open File menu)
4- Press right arrow key (to open Edit menu)
5- Press esc (to closse menu)
6- write something to check that dead keys work

More information in Spanish:

In the case of not fix the bug, I’d be willing to use any distro that effectively implement mitigation measure. More in Spanish:

I apologize for my English.