Deluge works fine but I have version 1.3.7 its says there is new version 1.3.9 then ask if you want to go to web site to download I go to it and click download button that takes you to a list for what OS you are using I click on arch linux and that just takes me to arch’s website. I have sync and done a full system update but it is not updating to 1.3.9 nor does it show that there is an update for deluge. Any help please…

Netrunner Rolling uses Manjaro as it’s base system not Arch.

While Manjaro is based on Arch Linux, it uses it’s own repositories and is not compatible with the Arch Linux repositories, it is however compatible with the AUR.

Deluge 1.3.9 has not been updated by Arch yet, it has been marked out-of-date, once Arch updates it we will have it in Manjaro Stable soon after.

There is deluge-git 1.4.0.dev358-1 available from the AUR as well.


Thank you